Chinese Memories


Song Cycle

Composition: Johan Famaey

30 April 2021

1 May 2021

Chinese Memories is a song cycle consisting of 10 songs

based on poems from the Tang and Song Dynasty.
Touching scenes unfold musically

in the times of the Chinese empire.

East meets West.

With a profound Western influence,

Chinese music and the ancient Eastern texts

are surprisingly redesigned and combined

in a Eastern-Western outfit.

Chinese Memories will be performed by

an orchestra of 18 musicians:

2 sopranos, string orchestra, yangqin, organ, and percussion.

Conductor: Geert Baetens

Orchestra: Chapelle De Lorraine

Soprano 1: Jolien De Gendt

Soprano 2: 

4 Violins 1

3 Violins 2

2 Violas

2 Cellos

1 Double Bass

Percussion: Rene Kravanya

Organ: Nicolas De Troyer

Yangqin: Johan Famaey

Production Leader: Bruno De Canne

Promotional Management: Sien D'Hooghe

Technical assistance: Bart Famaey

Chinese Memories Teaser


30 April 2021 20:00

1 May 2021 20:00


Elzenveld AMUZ

Kammenstraat 81


Tickets: €24 and €20

Available soon at AMUZ

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More information will follow.





孟浩然  Meng Haoran (689-740)

春 晓 A Morning in Spring      

李煜  Li Yu (937-978)


乌夜啼 Crows Crying at Night        

虞美人 The Beautiful lady Yu                           

浪淘沙 Waves washing the Sand                       

相见欢 Happy Together                             

苏轼 Su Shi (1037-1101)

春宵 A Spring Night                            

定风波 Set the Wave                                       

饮湖上初晴后雨 Rain on the West Lake 


李清照 Li Qing-zhao (1084-1151)

 如梦令 Like a Dream                   

 声声慢 A Long Melancholy Tune                            

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