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Become a friend of Johan Famaey

As a friend of Johan Famaey you get the unique opportunity to support

my musical journey and share in the excitement of my artistic adventures.

For a modest contribution of just €50 per year,

you can enjoy the following benefits:




1) Free access to one of my friends' activities in 2024

As a thank you for your support, I invite you to participate for free in a special friends' activity, in the form of a concert, where you will have the opportunity to meet me personally, my experience music and meet other like-minded music lovers.




2) Free access to the World Piano Day concert 2025


As a friend of Johan Famaey you will receive a a free ticket,

for the World Piano Day Concert 2025.

Become a friend

of Johan Famaey

Thank you for your friendship! You will receive an email within 24 hours with all information.

By becoming a friend of Johan Famaey, you contribute directly to the production of my music, support World Piano Day and help me realize my artistic vision. Your support is invaluable to me and allows me to continue sharing my passion for music with the world.



I look forward to welcoming you as a valuable member of my circle of friends and enjoying the beautiful world of music with you.

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