Johan Famaey ''Moon Touch'' - a cinematic piano piece

Johan Famaey is a Belgian pianist/composer who has come to our attention with a captivating piano piece accompanied by the most beautiful music video entitled ''Moon Touch''.


The composition begins subtle, elegantly moving along its arpeggio-based melody. The composer, confident in his creation, takes the time to present the main theme several times over before introducing any major dynamic change. However, when that change happens, the song elevates into a dramatic sky of turbulence and untamed winds, showcasing the theme in a whole new light - one that's cinematic and very persistent. This moving piano piece is accompanied by the most beautiful music video of a woman and a magnificent white dog making their way through the woods, adding greatly to the cinematic qualities of this composition.

SOURCE: Music Dances When You Sleep Blog

“We don't know if Johan Famaey finally does a “Moon Touch” but certainly this goes far and deep, touching the heart! Starting emotive and soft, pushing you into an emotional diving and when you have set your self free, floating in his key harmonies, then it comes the passion on 01:40 and you explode like the birth of a new star. ”


A fantasy-fuelled new track Time Passenger.

It’s sometimes tricky to create a sense of narrative through music alone but that’s precisely what Belgian neoclassical artist Johan Famaey has created with his fantasy-fuelled new track Time Passenger.

By Graeme Smith

Time Passenger is the story of a modern day woman going back in time and being tried as a witch. The composition, driven by a compelling piano melody, gives this sense of a fantastical voyage with dark undertones. It’s the kind of melody in which you can easily find yourself lost and I really got that sense of being out of place and being persecuted.

For good measure, the accompanying video by María Cecilia Alguacil reinforces these themes of otherworldliness and violence. 


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