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Direction, drawings and concept: Bruno de Canne
Composer: Johan Famaey
Cast: Piano: Johan Famaey
Dance: Eline Verstraeten  Sandrine Wouters  Liesbeth Houtain
Vocals: Ellen Vanherck
Time has started. The clock is ticking. We find ourselves with the ancient Greeks where we meet the moon goddess Selene, Aurora takes over from Selene but then it seems like we are going back in time?
Reality and dreams are intertwined.
Beautiful, quiet moments are interspersed with epic film music.
Welcome, Time Passenger.
The support act is provided by the dancers of H-Arts Compagnie from dance school Huys Arts. The choreography was made by Sandrine Wouters.

29 April 2023 Théâtre Molière Brussels BE
25 March 2023 Cultuurhuis Heerlen NL

18 September 2022 Fakkeltheater Antwerp BE
17 September 2022 Fakkeltheater Antwerp BE
28 May 2022 Fakkeltheater Antwerp BE
3 October 2021 Ringtheater Hamme BE
2 October 2021 Ringtheater Hamme BE

Bruno De Canne
About Time Passenger

One said to me tonight or was it day or was it the passage between the two, "It's hard to remember, crossing time zones, the structure of the hours you left behind. ... "In the face of technological fact, even the most seasoned traveler feels the baffled sense that nowhere else exists." "It's the moving resistance of the air as you hurtle too fast against the hours that stuns the cells and tissues of the brain."

(Sarah Arvio)

This quote, which is also used throughout the performance, is an important source for the entire visualization of Time Passenger. For me, this performance is a dream state in which people travel back and forth in time without any logical connection.
Time is not a linear but circular concept. This is represented by the clock that eventually transforms into the moon A circular shape that imperturbably continues its circular orbit around the Earth.
That's why I chose this performance to make linear/circular drawings that are inserted and spun out above the movement as a fluorescent line. Lines that run through the materialization and concrete moments in time, but always have a logical/chronological course forward and back.
For me personally, the drawings are also rushing in a constant motion and changing as the time ticks away. This means that every performance series will be in motion. The neon color palette gives the whole a hypnotic power and the idea that one is in a time machine.
Time capsule of Famaey
Marc Behiels
Saturday 2 October 2021 17:00 hours
After the performance in the Ringtheater on the hinterland by De Pillecyn and Annelien Van Wauwe, Hamme does have the climate to nurture talent, relax with a pizza and a sip of wine. That's called "putting everything together".
“A dazzling performance” I had read in the pre-commentary.
Whirling!, swirled, with a spine, although…, when I admire the choreography of Eline Verstraeten and Sandrine Wouters with amazement and awe, I get the impression that there are dancers who have had their spine removed.
Incredible, yet whirling, and from moving aesthetic to proverbial volcanic.
A strict, pure professional approach.
If I initially had the impression that I was in the Minard Theater in the 1960s, I was soon put with both feet on the ground.
Johan Famaey at the piano with a work that, both through composition and performance, takes you all the way from minute one to 75. Not a cough nor a shoe sole heard and that is a good barometer for a theater performance.
Soprano Ellen Vanherck grabs us by the throat. Interspersed with 'the voice over' by Mariana Roque, she serves the poetry of Khalil Gibran , James Elroy Flecker, Shakespeare, … .
Baritone Bruno De Canne does not sing a note! But what an exceptionally beautiful graphic design, brought to life by his son Floris. Kudos!
Technicians Bart Famaey (brother of) and Luc Tassent complete the wonderful cast and staff.
Cultural Centers of Flanders, don't hesitate!
If you do not program this dazzling spectacle, you will deprive your audience of a jewel in the crown.
And to the media world, including Klara, I have the good advice to take a good look at it urgently.
…. and it is still possible on October 3rd at 3 pm in Hamme, and after that, … we will read that on Linkedin.
What wonderful experiences I have enjoyed over the past few weeks!
Flanders is that rich!'

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